Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

Many of us are at turning points in our lives. We are on the brink of total success or complete failure and it's up to us to decide what we truly want. Oftentimes in life, we say we want our destiny, but we're not willing to do what it takes to reach it. There is a great deal of sacrifice, pain, loss and change on the other side of victory. Before you read any further, I want you to take a moment and decide what it is that you really want. Think about it, reaaaally think about it. There's more to a "yes" to your future than simply that. You must prepare, know what you're getting yourself into and be driven for that success in order to maintain it once it comes. If you're serious, I want you to take some notes as we dive in.

Here Are 6 Ways to Prepare for Your Destiny:

Know Your Purpose & Potential

It's nearly impossible to achieve your goals if you don't know what they are. In order to know what to do, you must know what you're working towards. Take some time and understand where God wants you to be. Every person was created with a purpose for their life. Some to be an example and others to be made an example out of. What are you passionate about? What do you desire? Who do you want to help? Once you have the answers to these questions you can start to move forward with passion and purpose. (Read Jeremiah 29:11)

Know Who You Are

Knowing who you are is a vital part of your story. You cannot fulfill your God-given destiny if you don't know who you are. Your assignment requires you to be comfortable in your own skin. There are people you will help who need you. They will seek you for wisdom, for understanding, guidance and for truth. There's an old saying that "a person who stands for nothing will fall for anything". It's important that you have a clear view of your morals, desires, purpose and beliefs. (Read I Peter 2:9)

Success is In Routine

As they say, practice makes perfect. If you don't practice hard-work, consistency, commitment, honesty, kindness, etc. it will come and go as it pleases. If you don't develop a routine of empowering yourself mind, body, soul and spirit, you will easily be sifted and disregard your destiny when it comes along. (Read James 2:14)

Stay Focused

Constant focus is an absolute MUST when you're preparing for great success. If you don't keep your eye on the prize, you risk turning away what you've been working towards. Don't get distracted by people, don't be mesmerized by my things, stay focused on what you want, where God is taking you and who He needs you to be! (Read Philippians 3:13)

Give 100%, Expect 0%

When you put in work, expect absolutely NOTHING in return. When you work from your heart, passion shows, but when you work from a "what's in it for me?" point of view, you will be extremely displeased with the end results. Give all that you can in all that you do and you will reap a great harvest in God's time. (Read Galatians 6:9)

Acknowledge God

No matter what you do, how hard you work, how bad you want something or how awesome it may seem, always seek the Lord for guidance, clarity and permission in all that you do. He will direct you and order your steps more perfectly than you could ever imagine. Read (Proverbs 3:5-7)

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