Hot Spring Heels

Hot Spring Heels

So Spring officially begins on March 20th (that's just two days away) and it's always good to step into a new Season with a hot pair of shoes! I want to show you three types of heels that I think are perfect for Spring, where I found them and what they will do for you!

The Splash of Color

There's nothing better than a splash of color to add some flair to an outfit. This heel can be worn with a colorful dress, a cute pair of jeans/skirt and a fun top or a solid color any way you want it. A splash of color on a shoe makes your outfit pop.(Ross: $34)

The Statement Piece

Make a statement with some heels that stand out among the crowd. Tassels, studs, jewels, beads, etc. All of these bells and whistles on a shoe can really change your life.(Agaci: $25 / May also be found at Charlotte Rouse)

The Chunky Heel

Chunky heels are so much fun and extremely comfortable they're also super cute and edgy. They're the perfect heel for spring because they'll keep your foot nice and warm but also let them breathe in all the right places. (Discount Shoe Store: $19) I hope you like these heels. I'll totally be rocking them the next few months.

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