My Journey to Finding Love

My Journey to Finding Love

I have been MIA (missing in action) for a few months while I was preparing for my big day, but I'm back like I never left and so ready to tell you all about it.

On Saturday, February 16, 2019 I had the honor of marrying Mr. Torian Lollis. That's pretty crazy to think that I'm somebody's wife, right? I'm so happy though. I haven't been sharing every moment of my journey because I wanted to really take it all in day by day and give you the whole scoop when it was all said and done, so here we are!

Let's start with the part about me getting engaged!!! I was honestly so thrilled. I couldn't believe it was really happening. My family was in on it, but I did NOT expect it at all. A lot of people thought that it was pre-planned by my husband and I because we took photos in matching outfits that same day. Truth be told, he and I just like to coordinate our outfits sometimes. I had no clue they would be used as engagement photos, but it ended up working out that way.

Earlier that week, Torian and I planned on taking my whole family out for dinner and dressing up just for fun. Now, I know what you're thinking...this should've been a HUGE giveaway, but he and I would do things like that anyway so it wasn't out of the ordinary in fact, we went out with a few of our siblings at other times during that same week as well.

So here's what happened...Torian came to my house and we rode over to the restaurant along with two of my sisters. Once we got there, my parents, grandma and other siblings were there waiting for us to arrive. After being seated at the table, I started looking at the menu. After a few minutes went by, Torian handed me a gift bag. At that moment, I thought I'd be pulling out an engagement ring but instead I found a rose gold jewelry set. I was super thankful and just thought he was giving me a nice gift so any thought of a ring swiftly left my brain. After I opened the gift, Torian asked me to stand up and walk with him. At that moment, I automatically assumed that he needed to talk to me about something in private, instead he walks me around to the other side of the table and then hands me another gift bag. Again, I assumed there would be a ring in there, but when I opened the second gift, there were two wooden signs, one that said "Future Mrs." and another that said "Bride to Be." I immediately assumed that he just wanted to make a promise to Marry me SOMEDAY. I felt silly and doubted my chances of getting engaged that night.

Right when I thought how wrong I was for thinking I'd be getting engaged, Torian starts telling me how much his life has changed since we met and how thankful he is to have me...My heart sank as I listened to his speech. He went on for a few seconds as both of our hearts were pounding and right in the middle of the restaurant, in front of my family, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I was somewhat panicking because I was just filled with so much doubt. I started saying, "Right now? Right now?" He laughed and assured me that he wanted to marry me.

I was so taken back by all of this. I was surprised and excited, humbled and thankful, nervous and shaking but also extremely satisfied with the man that God had, kneeled before me. Obviously I said YES and thus began our journey to forever.

Over the next few months, we continued to get to know each other as we planned out our dream wedding.  Thanks to our fabulous Wedding planner AKA my Mommy, we were able to see it unfold right before our eyes but before we skip to the big day I want to share with you our journey. As a Fiancé, I learned a lot about myself and my husband. I learned a lot about the journey that was ahead while also taking time to enjoy the road we were on. Not every moment was easy, but we navigate our way through with prayer, communication, trust and grace.

I have had a lot of people ask me how I knew Torian was "THE ONE" and quite honestly, there were a lot of signs that I was shown over the course of our courtship, that let me know he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, but the number one thing that caught my attention was that he was a man of God. During our 1st week of even having communication with one another, he was fasting and seeking God's permission to fully pursue me. That was very honorable in my eyes and I found myself loving him more than I already did...Yeah I know, already!

Our journey wasn't very long, in fact we were only engaged 5 months before getting married but each moment felt like forever. When we finally reached the day I was so anticipating seeing him, but I'll share more about this with you in the next blog!

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