Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog

This is the first entry of what will be an epic and inspiring Christian blog. My name is Farrah and I have a passion for God and His people. I am driven by compassion to see others succeed not just on the outside but on the inside.

Many of us have, will or are experiencing some sort of mental battle within that causes us to believe the enemy's lies that we're not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough or even anointed enough to do the work of The Lord. We spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to others instead of simply walking the path The Lord has given us. I too have encountered such demeaning and hurtful thoughts and have allowed them to take precedence in my mind and feel defeated, paralyzed and incapable. The Lord showed me that the very thoughts that I had allowed into my mind were all lies from the enemy. He taught me through His word and other inspiring men and women of God how to move past those feelings, conquer those thoughts and be who He wants me to be. Because of this, I have a passion to see you move past those thoughts of lies and deceit and live up to your full potential. There are so many people living beneath their privilege and giving into insecurity. As a child of God, it's time for you to rise above and conquer your insecurities. I am by no means perfect, but God has given me a word to speak to His children that He first spoke to me.

More than insecurities and mental battles, this blog is about living a fun-filled, sold out, amazing life for God. We will discuss friendships, personal health, shopping, DIY's, happiness within, music, traveling, school and so much more!

I hope that you'll subscribe and share this blog with your loved ones. Perhaps someone who is also struggling or simply in need of encouragement. My prayer is that these blogs will be effective in persuading your happiness and contentment in God.

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