Your Summer Bucket List

Your Summer Bucket List

Summer is underway and there is a world of awesome adventures just waiting to be uncovered by YOU but where should you start? I'll tell you! Here are 6 ways to have an epic Summer. 

1. Make a Summer Playlist 

Find some amazing songs that keep you inspired and uplifted. Be sure to choose feel good songs with a message for what you need when you need it. Think of songs that make you want to get up and go, make things happen, feel energized and best of all keep your mind stayed on Jesus. I've put together a short list myself. Check out some of the music I'll be listening to this Summer HERE. 

2. Create a Summer Bucket-list 

What are some things you've always wanted to do? Think about it...dig DEEP! Make a list of those things and choose at least 5 things from the list you've compiled and strive to do them this Summer. Some ideas might be in-door skydiving (for my friends who play it safe ;), break a world record, attend a local event, go to a concert, spend more time with specific family members, go to a spa, learn to make some new meals, begin learning a new language, break an old habit, overcome a personal fear, etc. You can choose ANYTHING. Decide on some things and strive to do them before the end of Summer.

3. Get New Clothes 

There's nothing better than a fresh new outfit to throw on after constantly wearing the same clothes over and over again. It's time for an upgrade! Although a shopping spree sounds incredible no matter what season, it's nice to have some funky new threads when Summer hits without breaking the bank. Try buying a few new pieces with every paycheck. Instead of buying 6 new outfits at once (or attempting to). 

Buy a cute dress and a sparkly pair of sandals one day and find some jewelry to match another day. You can also buy a cute top to match a bottom you already have at home but haven't been weaning. When buying sandals, make sure they're neutral like something with silver rhinestones or gold lacing, that way you can wear them with more than one outfit throughout the Summer and still be stylish. 

4. Set Spiritual Goals 

It's important as women of God that in the midst of all the fun we're having this Summer, we maintain our relationship with God above all else. While doing this, try to break up the monotony of praying in your prayer closet everyday or reading the Bible ONLY when you're at church or not spending time with God at all. Try reading the BIble from Genesis on or start and actually FINISH a devotion on the Bible app. Go for a walk on a scenic route and admire God's creation while it's just you and Him. Find out how you can get involved with feeding the homeless or visiting those who are sick in the hospital. Pray and ask God for guidance, ask Him what you can do for Him and His people and He will lead you to the place(s) you should be this Summer to do His work. 

 5. Take a Trip 

It feels so good every now and then to take a trip, whether spontaneous or strategically planned. It's always a blessing to have a break from the stress and hustle of life. Take some time off, maybe on a weekend and go somewhere, even if it's just the next city over. Gather up your closest friends, siblings or sister(s) in Christ and take a drive down the road to see something new. Find a place with something fun to do and treat yourself to a few hours/days of relaxation and return home renewed and refreshed. 

6. Surround Yourself with Summer Love 

There's nothing more delightful than to see positive and uplifting things every place you look. Set your screensaver on your phone, tablet, laptop or all 3 to something that reminds you of Summer, Fun and Happiness to keep you in the mood all Summer long. You can totally change it as needed, but put something around you to remind you that THIS Summer is about your happiness and peace in the Lord.

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