Layering Necklaces

Fall is underway and it happens to be my favorite time of the year. not only does Starbucks roll out some of the cutest cad campaigns, but it's also time to break out the layers of clothing and adorable styles that we can't wear January-August. One of my favorite layers is the turtleneck!
The black turtleneck is a fashion staple in any community during Fall/Winter months and there are so many cute ways to style it. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen my Outfit of The Day Fall: Edition videos where I'm sharing fabulous and easy looks to wear this season. Check out one of the videos here
When it comes to styles and trends, there are a variety of things to discuss, but today we're going to focus on layering necklaces. If you ask me, there really is a method to the madness of deciding how to assemble the right necklaces to create a delicate, but engaging centerpiece. When working with shapes, letters, or jewels, you want to consider the end goal. Do you want to make a gentle statement, create shock value, or glam things up a bit?
Reign Rhinestone Necklace from Farrah's Closet
Though some layered necklaces come together in one like the Reign Rhinestone Necklace (above), other looks can be created by carefully curating a meticulous combination of pieces. 
Farrah LaRaé on her way to the 52nd GMA Dove Awards
In the image above, I wore the Reign Rhinestone paired with the Julia Choker Necklace to the 52nd Annual GMA Dove Awards to host red carpet interviews. With the event in mind, my goal was to turn up the heat and give elegance, pizzazz, and a fun centerpiece. The entire night, everyone's first remark was about my neckpiece. 
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